It could get worse 

Lately I have been under attack by the most evil of all… Writers block. Or perhaps, that is what I have just made myself believe. It has not been easy coming up with a decent  sentence other than, ‘I love Mangoes’ . But being the bad ass that I am, I chased  inspiration down the dark alleys and here I am, feeling like the monk who sold his Ferrari. 😁

 Given that the Dons have downed their tools ( I always wanted to say that ;-)) I have had  a lot of time on my hands and as a result, done  some thinking and  I might have also watched the entire second season of Stranger Things and while at it,  I might have died a couple of times and shed bucket fulls of tears at the same time. I know. I know. Crying  is not the ideal reaction to such a movie but,  ah!  Well, what do you expect? This is me! 

You know, Calvin is not entirely wrong. Life could get better, but it could also get worse. I believe in living in the moment or better put, basking in the ambience. Life should be lived one moment at a time, it does not matter if all is going well or not.

Two years ago,  I would sit in class and scribble down in my diary about my dreams.  By this time according to my plans then, I should be finishing up my one year in the African Leadership Academy. I should also be running a company, but here I am. Just like in Ed Sheeran’s Bibia be ye ye I’ve got a couple of texts in my phone from boys I have never met and my pockets are full of coins (Not that much though 😂) and broken dreams. But life still goes on, does it not? 

Pardon me, for I digress a lot,  but maybe that is what makes life interesting. I guess by now you have already figured out that I really did not have that important news to share, but we are family now, so you just have to put up with me and my extreme sense of humor that most normal people do not get. 😉

Drink that coffee, read those books, eat those mangoes and listen to real music. 

Live life a moment at a time, because it could get worse. 

Have a nice week, family! 😊


Author: thisismukasa

Words wreck me, just as much as they make me. 😉

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